Koh Phangan Pharmacy

26 May 2010

Having recently come down with a cold I found myself in the local pharmacy. Now I’m not sure if it is more my ignorance derived from not spending much time in New Zealand pharmacies or if it is as I suspect and Thai pharmacies tend to have a larger range of breast and penis enlarging balms and remedies. I’ve never seen said products on the shelf before, it’s something I would normally associate with a Hotmail email account.

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I had a good laugh at the packaging, some of which even stated ‘guaranteed results’. But the best laugh was from reading the instructions on the ‘Smart Oil for Men’ which is designed to “Help increase man function and sensitivity”. Operating instructions are brief but to the point “Massage daily about 5-10 minutes, 1-2 times or as needed”, my guess is if it didn’t increase your ‘man function’ (at least temporarily) they would simply prescribe you Viagra. “… or as needed” – classic!