New York (New York)

18th to 22nd October 2010

New York, the most populous city in North America, famous worldwide; would I enjoy it? I was about to find out. The Big Apple, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, business, food, languages, lots of people.

Michael kindly responded to my couch surfing request and I met him after his university class in downtown Manhattan. Over the days I stayed with Michael we ate food, we drank Vodka, we went to the Natural History Museum, The Statue of Liberty, China Town, Central Park, Times Square and more.

By myself I visited Times Square, Wall Street, Brooklyn and more. I went out, I met people, I got free beer, I wondered.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] Heavily Guarded Building - Wall St - New York-1.JPGHeavily Guarded Building - Wall St - New York.JPGNew York Skyline.JPGNew York Stock Exchange-1.JPGThe New York Motorcycle Police.JPGThe Wall Street Bull.JPGTimes Square - New York-2.JPGTimes Square - New York-1.JPGA fellow couch surfer, myself and an M&M.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Overall I enjoyed my time in New York city; it was good, it was weird, it was intellectually stimulating, it was crazy. I could have used a lot more time there; to explore all the boroughs, to eat the food, to meet the people – but I was heading to Philadelphia.