Pictures from Koh Samui

21 – 22 May 2010

Wild (or not?) pineapple I discovered on the walk up to the waterfall (snake encounter).Pineapple.JPG

Lizard (I felt like such a wild life photographer) I encountered on this same waterfall, also before I encountered the snake.


Thailand’s child seat. It is interesting to note that current car seats for kids provide the same kind of protection (Freakonomics) to just strapping your kid in a normal seat belt, and both car seats and seat belts are poor safety performers for kids. At least the mothers in Thailand hold on to their little ones while driving, and take it slow.


Koh Samui Football club (Mascot?)

Coconut Football Player-2.JPG

Huge spider, James spotted it hanging over a road – its web must have been very strong; I wonder if it survived the high winds you would expect this high up (spotted at view top restaurant after off-road experience)? Literally this spider was the size of my hand, although I didn’t go close enough to touch it, and couldn’t as it was about 10 feet high above the road.Spider.JPG

I’ve been working on a setting on my camera where it helps me to ‘stitch’ landscapes together so I can take a very wide shot. However I haven’t yet been able to combine them into one photo. Here is one such landscape in multiple photo format. Thailand is beautiful.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] Koh Samui Road View-2.JPG[/pe2-gallery]Koh Samui Road View-1.JPGKoh Samui Road View.JPG


  1. Great assortment of photos but cannot see the picture of the spider…

  2. Spider picture up now. Forgot it before.