Carafiesta Parade Montréal in Photos

Last weekend I attended yet another parade in Montréal. The Carafiesta parade is a relaxed, colourful, and often impromptu movement of people and costumes along Boulevard René Lévesque from Rue Guy in downtown Montréal. Relatively cheap flights can often be found from Montréal to the Caribbean islands, in fact other than when I was living in the Caribbean I’ve never been […]

Enjoying Various Beers Downtown Montreal at Mondial de la bière 2012

This Thursday Renee and I enjoyed an afternoon at the Montreal Beer Festival (Mondial de la bière 2012). Running till Sunday June 10th, if you’re in Montreal and enjoy beer this is certainly worth a look. Entry is free, beer tastings cost between $2-$5 (in $1 coupons), you can bring your own beer glass or […]

Planning to Make the Most of a Summer in Montreal

Mid May of 2012 is approaching and spring is certainly here in Montreal – it’s no longer freeeezing cold and certain days have even been fully summer like. I’ve already sat and drank beer in a park and witnessed spontaneous dancing in the afternoon sun, I can only wonder what further excitement summer will bring. […]