Thai Kick Boxing

21 May 2010

James and I found ourselves in a predicament, we’d had walked for ages, given up, then taken a $60 THB Tuk Tuk all in the aim of getting to this Half Moon Party we had seen advertised; and now they wanted a $100 THB cover charge. It was close to midnight, and although we couldn’t see in past all the vegetation (bar bordering lagoon) we didn’t get the impression it would be that busy. It was decided that I would buy one ticket, check it out and report back on whether it was worth the go ahead. Inside I soon discovered the place was pretty much empty, big venue with hardly any people. I expect the whole point was to make money off ticket sales and the fairground games; it wasn’t much of a party. However they were having a couple of Muay Thai Kick Boxing fights at midnight, and as I already had a ticket I wanted to watch, while James made the call to go home and get some sleep.

Taking part in the fairground activities I spent $100 THB trying to climb up a ladder that would freely spin around. I didn’t make it to the end, so failed to gain the $1000 THB. However the two boxing matches which I had stayed for turned out to be worth watching.

Muay Thai; the world’s most devastating martial art!

The first match was between two lighter weights and they went through all six rounds, going for some spinning kicks, knees, throws and all sorts. It was a good match to watch as no one got seriously hurt but you saw some good moves.

The second match was between two heavier weights and one guy took a well landed kick to his lower leg in the first round which put him down. He was saved by the bell but in the second round it got pretty desperate with his opponent continuously throwing low kicks and with restricted movement due to his injury he just kept getting hit and going down; it was painful to watch. He fought hard and with lots of heart but in increasing pain until another devastating blow to the lower leg was landed and the referee called the match. I couldn’t tell whether he was being hit on the ankle, below the knee or the thigh, but I could see it would mess you up. Brutal. As soon as the referee called the match to an end the victor knelt down to his broken opponent who was lying on the floor to apologise.