Thai Massage

25 May 2010

$250 THB for a one hour traditional Thai massage

Highlights for me were the masseuse walking up and down the backs of my thighs (quads?) and massaging my head. Lows would be the heavy handed massaging done on my left shoulder [sore for a few days] and when she pulled my fingers and toes. I’m not keen on having any of my digits pulled and as I don’t ‘click’ my fingers (or toes) myself I wasn’t particularly fond of having someone else do it either; it made me squirm.

James considered this a rather ‘full on’ massage, perhaps more traditional and harder than he has experienced before. I certainly found myself praying for the masseuse to be really good at what she does; I didn’t want to lose a toe or have my back put out!

Overall definitely worth going to once, but I’m just not really that much of a ‘massage person’ to make a habit of it.


  1. I never experienced that kind of massage. I’m so afraid if will be worse my back pain if I try that massage therapy. But it seems that the result is better so maybe I would try it soon.