Washington DC – Food, Culture, People and Apple Picking

14 – 18 October 2010 For my last three nights in Washington DC I stayed with another couch surfer. I had an amazing time with Monica, it really sealed the couch surfing deal for me – no better way to travel! Beer Garden The night that I arrived another couch surfer was also staying the […]

Washington DC – Museums and Sights

13 – 14 October 2010 I stayed with a fellow couch surfer for my first couple of nights in Washington, Jake had a pretty busy schedule between university and protesting (his true passion – being an activist) but we did find time to chat about life, politics and religion and we went out and ate […]

Couch Surfing Fort Lauderdale

10 – 13 October 2010 Through CouchSurfing.org I’d emailed a few potential hosts in Fort Lauderdale, I was really hoping to not have to stay in a hostel again as they were all more designed for crew accommodation than travellers and had pretty poor online reviews. I did end up hostelling for one night; sure […]

Fort Lauderdale – Sick Again but with Interesting Company

23 – 28 September 2010 It was an overnight flight to Fort Lauderdale, I arrived in the morning and took the public bus which stops right in the Fort Lauderdale airport into town. I managed to make my bus transfer and eventually got to Hollywood beach, less than two minutes later I was at the […]

Las Vegas Experience

13 – 18 September On the Monday we returned our rental car which had served us so well from San Francisco to Napa Valley, to Lake Tahoe, to Yosemite, to Santa Cruz and back again! We caught our flight to Las Vegas and arrived in the evening; without too many hassles we caught a shuttle […]

Yosemite National Park by Rental Car

10 – 11 September 2010 The drive to Yosemite National Park from Lake Tahoe took us through some really spectacular terrain from amazingly salty lakes to massive canyons. We saw birds, squirrels and what we believe was a Coyote on the way. [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] [/pe2-gallery] Upon arrival we checked into our canvas sided cabin […]

South Lake Tahoe by Rental Car

08 – 09 September 2010 Having left Napa Valley we drove our rental car to Lake Tahoe, it was a bit of a drive and we arrived in the afternoon and checked into our motel. Our motel came with access to a private beach which we walked down to; the sky was overcast and the […]

San Francisco with Renee

03 – 06 September 2010 I managed to get from Seattle to San Francisco, I even managed to be there as Renee came through the airport gate. We negotiated a shuttle into San Francisco to our Casa Loma hotel in Union Square district, checked in and checked out the room. Later we went out to […]

Arriving in Seattle Just to be Interrogated by Customs

21 August 2010 When I touched down in Seattle customs were waiting, they held me for two hours because I was ‘different’. When I arrived  I got past the first member of US security, I even thought I’d successfully talked my way past the second check point when out of the blue the asshole hands […]

Backpacking Iceland with a Rental Car

19 – 21 August 2010 I’d met an American lad in the place I had slept the previous night so I offered him a lift to the Blue Lagoon, naturally I wanted to show off my recently picked up blue station wagon rental car and share this new exciting freedom with someone else. I was […]