Baby Elephant

21 May 2010 Hired scooter Set off to drive around Koh Samui (James was organising to buy a suit) Took photos of some baby elephants, was interested in finding out how much it would cost to get a photo with the baby tiger (advertised) but decided against it when no one was close by to […]

Railay to Koh Samui

19 May 2010 $150 THB from Railay to Krabi Town. $400 THB by taxi, bus and then ferry over six hours to get to Koh Samui. On the ferry various Thai sellers wanted to offer us a taxi ride to Chaweng Beach (popular side of the island )for $150 THB, we politely declined and were […]

Big Cheeky Monkey

18 May 2010 Two Banana Pancakes for Breakfast Bloody big as monkey just tried to come into my room and steal my stuff. I had to leap up and bellow like a gorilla to get the cheeky pest to bugger off! Plan was for Rock Climbing at 2pm Started raining at 1pm so didn’t end […]

Railay Lagoon & Lookout

17 May 2010 Having so far been mostly negative about Railay let me now talk about one of those little adventures that you are initially sceptical about setting out on only for it to turn out as one of the best activities so far. [pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] [/pe2-gallery] On the map a lagoon is shown […]

Blog Improvements

I’ve made some improvements to my blog: Addition of Facebook ‘Like’ facility – If you like my blog/post you will make my day by telling me (comment, ‘like’ or both) Improved large photo viewing via ‘lightbox’ effect Improved photo loading time (hosted on Google) Addition of maps (when I remember) Updated my About page to […]

Railay Overrated

17 May 2010 We didn’t manage the 8am departure that had been intended, an early start would have been almost disrespectful to Thai culture. I say that purely in our own defence, when I give it more thought I would say Thai workers are more likely to have an early start, possibly even a late […]

Krabi Town Awesome – Ao Nang Lame

15 May 2010 Took a bus (ute with seats in the back) to Ao Nang expecting a livelier joint that Krabi Town. It’s all setup as a tourist destination but it just doesn’t have enough tourists, it’s too quiet. I put the problem down to tourists not knowing where the ‘good spot’ to go is […]

Free Rock Climbing & Cliff Jumping

14 May 2010 Bloody Awesome. With the American’s we’d met a couple of nights before we paid a local long boat driver to take us out for half a day to some of the popular cliff jumping areas. Cliff jumping is great, it is rock climbing but without the need for equipment plus the added […]

Tiger Cave Temple

13 May 2010 The time had come for some jungle walking, to experience Buddhist culture and to search for some tigers. James and I set off on hired scooters with a vague sense of direction. Eventually we spotted a large concrete structure which formed part of the temple, we had made it. A female monk […]

Nuclear Physicist, Drug Dealer and Iraq War Veteran

12 May 2010 Over that game of pool and the night that followed we met some really interesting Americans. Patrick explained how he has two years of paid leave left (while studying) following his recent army service in Iraq where he operated a 50 calibre gun. Doc, Patrick’s flatmate had received an Honourable Discharge from […]